Saturday, November 22, 2008

Instructing some more...

Well I passed my one-year mark of instructing, and a while before that, I broke my 500-hour total time mark. I remember hearing people say that being an instructor is an invaluable experience and one learns more than they could ever learn from instructing. I didn't really think it would be as much of a valuable experience than it actually has. I think back to my first hour of giving instruction, and I've learned an incredible amount. Things become second nature and knowledge about instruments, flying and everything else about aviation become much more readily available. When it comes to landings, for example, my "picture", as they say, is so keen, that I can tell immediately the problem or the smallest bit of error. Ironically, I rarely get to land the plane. But even so, when I actually do, I've seen so many that I'm able to make a really good landing in spite of it being a while since doing it.

I'm also getting checked out in a G-1000 C172, which is pretty fun. But if you know any Garmin GPS, like the 430 in my case, it's pretty easy to understand.

My last bit of update, is that I should be taking my CFII checkride soon. I've been studying up for it for quite some time and I'm also waiting on one of my students to get ready for his PPL, so that we could do it at the same time (the examiner is at a different airport). Most likely, that'll be my next update. God be with me.