Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New place, new accomplishments

I haven’t updated this blog forever. No matter, not many people read it, which I don’t mind. Maybe one of these days it’ll be read by few. Anyway, since the last post my wife and I moved back to our home town and currently live in a brand new apartment (brand new as in the just built the complex and we’re the first residents). I also was able to get a job at our local airport as a ramper for Mesa Airlines. It allows me to be around the aviation industry and it’s given me a lot of perspective.

Another huge update that pertains to this blog is that I passed my ASEL check-ride and am now a private pilot. I took the check-ride on January 22nd of this year. I’ll write another post about it later. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to fly since due to work and weather. But I hope to get up soon so that I can start gaining more time.

I’m looking into going to an accelerated school called ATP flight school more and more. It took me so long to attain my private license that I’m afraid it’ll take even longer to attain the remaining ratings I need to fly professionally. It’s quite costly to go to this school, but it seems to keep a good reputation and you go out of the school with a lot of multi-time which is very much needed. But we’ll see if it all pans out and I actually attend the school.

Throughout my training I’ve flown to some pretty cool airports on my solo cross-countries: King City airport, Camarillo airport, Santa Maria airport and Coalinga airport. I’ll also write about some of these flight as well.